Devil Hunters Wikia

Hello! Welcome to the devil hunters wikia. Here is some pretty twisted stuff, on this wikia you can basically right out anything you want the more users i get the better team we will have. We can go on missions for example type in the helicopter descends i jump off and kill a zombie or something and do a bunch of stuff it may seem like not alot but i will be editing this page for more news. NOTE: There may be 2 pictures of devil may cry but this has nothing to do with it.


This Month has alot of news so please read it to guide you through the wikia. Everyone if you wish to join go to the Team Page, click edit and type your name under what team you want to be in, maximum number for each team is currently 5 each team has the same thing it doesnt matter what team you are in, and save the page you are now joined.You can also edit the First Mission to add on to the story. Plus check the Stats Page right after you do your first mission the reason why you have to do a mission first is because i need to see your actions in it, not to mention the Training Page boost up your stats and skills here. I also have finished the info on the infected and types of infected me and my partner will come out with new infected maybe one new infected a month. Have you noticed that there are no pictures for my infected/types if you find this wikia and you are a artist please make the art for the infected and make it a picture any artwork will do. THANK YOU!


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